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When you think of painting a room,
what do you see?
 Look around you. Pick out a few of your favorite things.
What you love says something about your perfect color palette.
Is your style bold and colorful?
This owner of this country style kitchen chose bright paint colors to showcase their colorful glass and pottery collection.
Do you want a cool, serene environment?
This client wanted a calming retreat, a place to
get away from it all. Fluffy clouds and blue skies were the
perfect inspiration for the wall and bedding colors.
What about the most current color trends?
Are they right for you?

Do you love the bold colors of mid-century design? 
Just one deep peacock accent wall is enough to balance the gold butterfly chair.


Is white ever right?
This living room uses layers of white and 
off-white paint colors and furnishings, with just a
hint of green. The result avoids the starkness
often associated with white.                                                        
Do you want your own personal spa?
These bathroom paint and accessory colors are inspired by a tropical pink sand beach and cool, refreshing water.
Do you want today's most popular paint combinations? Or do you want neutral colors? And what about accent wall colors?
These are just some of the things to think about when choosing your perfect paint colors.   
Whether you are looking to do just one or two interior rooms, the exterior walls, or your whole house, I can help you choose coordinating paint colors that provide a rich backdrop for your life while emphasizing the architectural strengths of your home.
And what about resale value?  
Moving beyond white walls can even increase real estate value, just as the perfect shade of white trim greatly raises curb appeal.
Contact me, and let's talk about the best, most cost effective tips for increasing the resale value of your home while reflecting your own personal style.


This renovation of this property blends California Coastal colors with it's sunny Mediterranean architecture. 

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