Sheri Arnoth, Residential/Commercial Paint Color Consultant

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Color can transform the space you're in.

It’s exciting to go to the paint store.

There are thousands of beautiful colors to choose from. 

Sometimes you’re not sure where to begin.

Choosing the right paint color palette is not an easy thing for many people. You dream of color combinations that compliment each other and make a statement. The problem is that you just can't decide on the best color ideas. Or the statement you end up making isn’t what you wanted to say, and the dream becomes a nightmare.

Maybe it's time for a professional paint consultation.

Hiring a professional paint consultant can alleviate your doubts and fears.

Don't settle for a "free" consultation that requires a signed painter's contract or the purchase of paint samples. A professional color consultation is fun, creative, and affordable. Let me show you how different wall paint colors react with one another, creating symmetry, harmony, and balance in a room.

I can help you use color, organization, and even a re-design of your existing furnishings and accessories to create a new, fresh environment that is unique to you.

How does a paint color consultation work?

I will meet with you on-site, examine your existing furnishings and colors, look at and listen to your ideas, and show you color samples. I have thousands of color samples to choose from. Together, we'll select a color scheme that will give your home the professional look you want, and will help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Choosing more than wall color? A consultation may include coordinating floors, counters, accessories, and other elements.

You will be provided with:

    -Designer paint samples

    -A room-by-room paint color schedule

    -Recommended paint sheens

    -A recap of all design tips and updates that are discussed

We are in the process of remodeling and the house is empty. Can you help with paint colors without seeing all of our furnishings?

Yes, a color consultant can create your color palette with as little as a decorative pillow and a favorite piece of art. Contact me and we can discuss your situation.

My husband (or wife, or children) can't agree on paint colors. Will you be able to help?

Yes! I have over 20 years of experience working with couples and families blending diverse tastes and creating harmonious color schemes.

I'm planning to sell my house. Does that mean I have to paint everything white?

No, definitely not! In fact, the right colors can sell your home faster, when used appropriately.

How much will it cost?

For only $175 I will create an interior or exterior color palette that is unique to you!

Follow-up visits are $50 per hour.

Do you do off-site consultations?

Not at this time. Experience has shown that meeting at the site is the best way to choose the best paint colors for your project.

Do you work outside of San Diego County?

For a small surcharge I will meet with you in some parts of Orange County, Palm Springs, Rancho California, or Murrietta. Please contact me for details.

How long does a consultation take?

A typical consultation takes two to three hours, but it really depends on your unique situation. I will never rush you.

While I'm there, let's talk about your ideas for other rooms. And what about your plans for flooring, counters, etc?

I can help you create a "road map" so that the colors you choose now will work with your future projects.

I've already painted, and the color is not quite right. Is there anything I can do without re-painting everything?

Yes, there are some simple tricks I'll share with you that can correct the situation easily and economically.

What other services do you offer?

While my primary focus is your perfect color palette, I will also help you get the most "bang for you decorating buck" by suggesting simple, cost effective ways to update your home's interior and exterior. Lighting, accessories, and furniture placement are just a few of the things that can give new life to your home. Quite often a coat of paint and an interior

re-design can delay (or take the place of) a major remodeling project!

If you are interested in selling your home in the near future then we will concentrate on what colors and cost effective improvements will show off your home to it's best advantage, while keeping your personal taste (and budget!) in mind.

If you know someone who is purchasing a home, getting married, retiring, or celebrating any landmark occasion, consider giving the gift of color. Contact me if you would like to buy a Color Consultation Gift Certificate.

If you have any other questions please contact me by telephone or